About Us

Nazar started his carrier @1990 in granite industry from Quarry operation, working with companies producing granite monuments in Quality check / inspection of granite rough blocks then practically developed skills inspecting finished products like granite slabs, grave markers, headstones, kerbs, tiles, monuments etc., and inspected granite rough blocks to Japan, China & Poland.

Meeting Buyers directly understood practical difficulties of customers in Quality issues then thought to give reliable Business Services arranging Quality products from the Direct Processing and Manufacturing companies that can help Buyers often visits to India reducing time and expenses.

At year 2006 started own Business service company with great difficulties advertising our services through online Search Engine promotions for a better future finally got response from USA customers giving us a chance to work on behalf in India then started our services with Trust and now representing few customers from Houston, California, Dallas, Newjersy, Chicago, Toronto and Ireland.

Inspecting Natural Stones in Granite all type of finishes like Granite Slabs, Tiles, Grave Markers, Headstones, Monuments, kerbs, posts etc., as per customers specifications prior to shipments with Nominal cost Sourcing and Inspections.

Present days Quartz Slabs ( Engineered Stone ) are growing popular in World market started inspection of slabs to our valuable customers in South & Northern Part of India

  • Sourcing and Inspection of Granite Slabs & Tiles Newjersy, Houston, Dallas, Chicago – USA
    Toronto – Canada
  • Sourcing and Inspection of Granite Markers & Monuments Los Angeles – USA
    Athlone and Cork – Ireland.