Our Inspections

Proprietor of the company source and ensures and carry a stringent inspection that the granite products and quartz slabs ( engineered stones ) are safe and free from Natural and processing defects, once customers placing orders a thorough inspection of the products is required to understand the quality of the granite products and quartz slabs to be fixed by quality control of every pieces with right measurements prior to shipments by giving exact reports with digital pictures of the products to understand the real quality of products before arriving to customers destination.

Our services are very transparent, unique, non-compromising in quality of the products with vendors and advice customers the best processing and manufacturing companies of natural stones like granite products, quartz slabs ( engineered stones ) procuring quality materials for a health business relationship on a long run process.

Nazar will visit the companies personally and ensure quality levels and update the details in time after inspection duly signed in all products so that customers have more guaranteed on our work and quality of the products before arriving to their destination without any troubles.

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